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Professional Medical Division

One single technology,
or various techniques working in synergy, available on the same platform

Our systems are designed to cover a wide range of aesthetic applications and are always up-to-date with the latest technological innovations, ensuring quality, safety and reliability.

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CarbObes Carboxytherapy and Oxygen Therapy device

Compact and transportable.

Medical device that delivers medical carbon dioxide with heated gas and medical oxygen therapy, with separate inputs and gas recognition. Antibacterial filters offer greater control of the sterility and purity of the gas. Independent regulation of speed and quantity of gas. Control of the flow and of the volume entering and exiting, as well as the total volume delivered. Reduction of the rebound effect through a special microprocessor-controlled microvalve, capable of measuring the changes in resistance in the tissues and keeping the gas flow rate constant.
Therapeutic protocols in memory and free functions.

Multifunction medical device

RVM medical system multi-source radio frequency device and vacuum microcurrent carrier

Multi-source radiofrequency
High-energy sound waves for revitalizing cell membranes and toning muscle fibers.

Capacitive and resistive electric transfer therapy with monopolar and bipolar irradiation. Our lightweight and transportable device is equipped with 3 non-ablative handpieces, 1 quadripolar handpiece with continuous and pulsed vacuum and 1 fractional handpiece with retractable micro needles, for face and body resurfacing. Temperature measurement sensors and regulation on the handpieces with automatic energy delivery modulation. Dual Frequency options, 500 KHz and 1 MHz.

Vacuum Carrier
Biorevitalization with Dermoporation.

Complex alternating electric fields facilitate the penetration of therapeutic molecules into the skin. Superficial, medium and deep delivery of water-soluble active ingredients, even of high molecular weight, into the skin’s cellular interstitial spaces. Transdermal administration of drugs and pesticides for non-invasive face / body treatments. The device is suitable for palmar hyperhidrosis.

Natural rejuvenation and lifting.

Low intensity electrical microcurrents: MyoLift, lymphatic drainage, skin firming, muscle strengthening and cellulite treatments.

Various techniques working in synergy.

Enhanced treatments for achieving excellent results in a single session. Combined treatments of Microcurrent & Radiofrequency, or Radiofrequency & Transdermal Delivery.
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The smallest KTP laser

For the treatment of vein redness, vascular lesions, pigmented lesions and skin lesions.

LaserSurgebes KTP laser device

Vascular lesions
Spider Naevi
Nevo Flammeo
Pigmented Lesions
Senile Lentigo
Actinic Kheratosi
Skin Lesions

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Diode Laser

Laserbes diode laser device for progressive and permanent hair removal

Progressive resolutive epilation, to let laser hair removal say goodbye to unwanted body hair.

Innovative diode laser for personalized fast hair removal treatments, even for tanned skins. Its characteristics make it performant, suitable to be used in all areas of the body (with the exception of the eye contour area), for all skin types. There are no side effects thanks to the efficient skin cooling system and the ability to select the phototype, the type of hair and the area to be treated. Automatic settings and free functions. Epilation on all types of hair and throughout the year. 25 million impulses for a safe and lasting investment.
Presso Medical 2.0


Presso Medical 2.0 device for computerized sequential pressotherapy

Improves the performance of the circulatory and the lymphatic system.

Compression medical device for sequential peristaltic therapy with 8 independent channels. Maximum outlet pressure 250mmHg (26.6Pa) with the possibility of excluding or adjusting the operating pressure of each single sector. Therapeutic protocols in memory and free functions. Physiological monitoring accessories for a quick connection, resistant and with overlapping sectors that can be inspected. Leggings come equipped with a pouch, for storage after treatments. Also equipped ith bracelets and jacket.
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Class IIA devices

Registered with the Italian Ministry of Health

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